Vixenscratch, a deliberate allusion to the slang term for quick messy handwriting, is a WordPress blog set up for the purposes of publishing short stories and serials. There are very few restrictions on the material posted here aside from them all being written by the same person, and as such a portion of the posted works is erotic in nature. Some of the works contain human characters, others animal characters, anthropomorphized to varying degrees. Most of the writing posted will fit into one of several recurring story settings, but once in a while something is written which doesn’t connect to other works in that way.

It is suggested that the sensitive reader takes notice of the tags on a post before clicking the “read more” link. No objectionable content should appear above that “fold”, though vague allusions to such content may occur.

Comments and gentle critique are always appreciated – they’re what help the stories become their best selves! You don’t need to be a writer yourself to tell if something sounds off, nor do you need to give a full blow-by-blow of a story if you don’t feel like it. The only kind of comments that will not be tolerated are spam and personal attacks on the writer.