For Old Times’ Sake

May 6, 2010

Dinner had been slightly uncomfortable; even if she knew about his difficulties with food Naiomi still remembered him the way he’d been when he still lived in Sihainne. And that Roxeen had been able to wolf down Islandic cuisine with the best of them. He had felt guilty when he’d picked at her cooking, which admittedly was far from the domestic disasters she’d mostly been capable of as a young teen. She had assured him that it was okay, that it had mostly been her own fault for not keeping the things he’d told her firmly enough in mind.

It had taken a few hours of laughing at old memories and her cheesy rental movie, but he was finally starting to get convinced. The chocolate-skinned girl had thoughtfully enough not brought snacks to the couch when they’d migrated there, only a half-full bottle of mid-range starfruit wine. Some time during the course of the evening one of them must have spilled, because her white sweatpants now sported a bright blue stain.

She laughed at that, of course. There were very few things Naiomi would not laugh at.

It was starting to get late, however, and she was starting to punctuate every few sentences with a yawn.

“Might be best if you get some sleep,” he suggested, steadying her hand when it looked like she’d spill more of the wine. “I’ll pick up in here and do the dishes for you.”

“Don’t worry about it,” she replied, emptying her glass. “You sure you’re okay with the couch? It’s kind of lumpy.”

He took the glass from her, picked up his own and the now-empty wine bottle. “I don’t need much sleep, Ninni, I’ll be fine. You’re looking about ready for a good night of it, though.”

“Yes, mother,” she giggled, getting up and stretching. “Just leave them on the kitchen counter, White, they won’t be going anywhere before the morning.”

As he made for the kitchen, Naiomi went for her bedroom, presumably to get changed. He ignored what she’d told him about not doing any dishes, washing the glasses and setting them upside-down on the dish drainer before returning to the living room. After she’d offered him a place to stay during his trip down south and cooked food (even if he’d eaten little of it) at such short notice, that was the least he could do. It was only a matter of minutes, anyway, before he returned to the living room, and the couch.

Naiomi had not been exaggerating when she’d said it was lumpy; while the two of them had been seated it hadn’t been noticeable, but when he lay down it dug into his shoulder here, his back there, and promised a quite unrestful night’s sleep. In an attempt to find a more comfortable position, he shifted around, just to find some other unpleasant way the couch could press into him.

“I told you it was lumpy,” his childhood friend called from her bedroom door, now dressed in a light, ankle-long silk robe. “No need to be a gentleman, White, there’s enough space for both of us in my bed.”

He looked up at her, slightly embarrassed at being caught so obviously finding the original arrangement uncomfortable. He had to admit that she had a point — they both knew he wasn’t interested in her in that way so being uncomfortable for the sake of decency was pointless. “Don’t mind if I take you up on that. No offense but I don’t think even Strek would be comfortable sleeping on that couch.”

She laughed at him and went back into her bedroom, leaving the door open behind her. He rose and followed.

The bedroom was small, but unlike the rest of Naiomi’s apartment it was completely void of clutter. The only furniture in there was the bed, the dog bed on the floor where Strek had curled up together with Naiomi’s new kitten, and a chair. Through the half-open sliding doors along one wall he could see a wicker clothes hamper crammed into a corner of the shallow closet.

He did his best to pretend he didn’t notice her watching him when he shed his socks, jeans and sweater; she’d had a crush on him in middle school and if some of it still lingered, so be it. She raised an eyebrow at him when he moved towards the bed still clad in his boxers and a tank top, however.

“You don’t need to keep that on for my sake,” she said, pointedly turning her back. “I’m not going to molest you in your sleep, you know.”

Fair enough. The tank top joined his other clothes, neatly folded on the chair. She turned back around and giggled at him, stepping closer.


“A cat whispered in my ear you usually sleep naked.” The belt of her robe had come undone, or maybe she’d untied it while she had her back turned, revealing more soft brown skin than he’d counted on seeing. It would seem he was not the only one with a habit of sleeping in the nude. “Lighten up, Roxeen, I told you there’s no need for you to be a gentleman.”

“Lighten up?” he asked, chuckling. He could do that; it didn’t bother him if Naiomi saw him though he also wouldn’t have thought of undressing completely without her explicit permission.

“You could use it.”

Mischief overcame him. “Like this?” His right hand found its way inside her robe, resting on the small of her back, his other hand on the back of her head, pulling her close so he could press his lips against hers.

She was quick to catch on, wrapping her arms around him with a small sigh. It was all the invitation he needed, running the tip of his tongue teasingly over her lips before slipping it in between them, kissing her in a way usually reserved for lovers. The girl gave as good as she got; he could still taste a hint of the wine as their tongues danced together.

When they broke off, Naiomi was visibly flushed despite her dark skin, and she continued to hold him close. “Tease.”

“I didn’t hear you complaining,” he smiled, playing with her thin braids.

She idly trailed the nails of two fingers across his chest. “You don’t think you could do more, just this once?” It was obviously a joking question which she didn’t expect a positive answer to.

It might have been the wine, might just have been the fact that she wasn’t expecting a ‘yes’, but he considered her question more seriously than he usually would have. He knew she’d had a crush on him in middle school and suspected that hadn’t quite faded yet; she would certainly appreciate it. For his own part, he wasn’t particularly attracted to her but he was confident in his ability to perform. And it was Naiomi, whom he cared for more than any other girl he’d met and wasn’t related to.

“I might be able to, just this once,” he purred, sliding his hand downward over her hot skin to gently squeeze her buttock. “Would that make you happy?”

The girl’s eyes widened and she stared at him in disbelief for a few seconds before nodding, slowly but certainly without hesitation. He smiled at that and leaned in to kiss her again, softly. Part of him was questioning if this was a very good idea after all, considering that he for all his sexual experience had virtually none that would be relevant to this encounter. But of course, his friend knew that already.

She slipped out of her robe, tossing it over the back of the chair, then pulled back slightly and smiled at him while fingering the waistband of his boxers. Well, considering she was naked already, that was only fair.

Once he was rid of his last bit of clothing, they both slipped into her bed. Slowly, he ran a hand along her side, coming to rest on one of her small breasts and brushing his thumb across her nipple. Her sharp intake of breath was a clear enough sign that he was doing something right.

Yes, this was something he would definitely have to play by ear.

His hand remained there for some time, while he alternated between kissing her and gently nibbling at her neck and earlobe, listening to her whimpers as she got more and more worked up. When he started sucking gently at her dark skin, she responded by seizing a fistful of his almost-white hair and holding him there until he had left a visible mark. Judging by how every little touch was making her squirm, she was more than ready to continue on.

He inched lower on the bed, sliding his hand down her stomach as he did so. For a moment, his long, slim fingers paused, cupping her mound and nestled among the soft black curls. Then he curved one finger inwards and felt her shift to push against it.

With a smile he leaned in to her and licked at her breast at the same time he pushed his finger in between her wet folds. Almost immediately, a shuddering sigh escaped Naiomi’s lips and she pushed back, wordlessly begging for more. Instead he slid his now slick finger upwards, making her cry out as he rubbed the sensitive nub above her opening. Judging by the shiver that went through the girl’s body, it had been enough to bring her to climax.

He held her, then, resting her head against his chest until her breathing slowed down before he tentatively ran a hand across her chest again. She moaned softly, nodding at him when he caught her gaze. If he didn’t mind, she was up for continuing. And he would have felt guilty about quitting now after having all but promised her more than just fingers.

She certainly seemed more than willing when he moved further down the bed and pulled his hair back, spreading her thighs and starting to once again breathe harder. He only teased her for a short while, breathing on her wet sex and running the tip of his tongue around the edges of it, before giving her a long lap and making sure the stud in his tongue brushed over her sensitive spot. It did surprise him when she responded by wrapping her legs around his shoulders, but it didn’t throw him off for long.

The taste was unfamiliar to him, though not unpleasant, and judging by the way Naiomi was writhing and moaning, he wasn’t doing too poor of a job. He tried sucking gently on her clit; it seemed to be too strong of a sensation for her to handle and thus he stopped. He wanted to let her have a good time, not torture her, however sweet that torture might be. This time, she came even sooner, and lay shivering against him for longer before the aftereffects of her orgasm seemed to wear off.

“Tease,” she murmured, lying against him, her hand wandering over to squeeze his half-hard member. “Do I get a share of this, too?”

“Whatever my lady wishes,” he shot back, kissing her forehead and then her lips.

She giggled, ruffled his hair. “Well then. You wait here for a moment and get yourself ready. After all that hard work you deserve to lie back for a bit, don’t you think?”

“If that’s how you want me. Tonight I’m putting in an effort for you, remember?” She stuck her tongue out of him and he responded by swatting her rear lightly as she got out of the bed.

When she left the room he lay back, closed his eyes, and let his imagination run free. Being in Sihainne his thoughts went to Aligo, his older friend and surrogate brother, with whom he’d shared a bed on more than a few occassions. As he recalled old trysts he started to slowly stroke himself, a soft humming purr of contentment rising in his throat.

When Naiomi returned, she straddled his legs, gently moving his hand away. Still halfway in his imaginary world, he bit his lip as she rolled on a condom, apparently unable to resist squeezing a bit extra. He could feel and hear her shifting, reached down to help guide his length right, and then when she sank down onto him, he moaned out loud despite himself.

He wasn’t managing to hold on to his mental image for much longer, but once inside her that didn’t seem to matter nearly as much. With an almost shy smile he watched her ride him, head thrown back and her multitude of finger-thick black braids whipping her back. For her sake, it was almost a shame women didn’t interest him — but for her sake only. He rested one hand on her thigh, feeling her muscles work under his palm, while he reached up with the other to gently caress her breast.

This time, he wasn’t going to hurry things up unless she asked him to. She seemed to be enjoying herself way too much for that. And, he had to admit, she was not just doing well for herself. He wouldn’t neccesarily want to repeat this night, but at least physically he couldn’t help but enjoying the feeling of being deep inside her.

At last, she shuddered and almost lurched forward, catching herself as her sex clenched around him and brought him over the edge. His climax was gasped, quiet, while hers was filled with soft whimpers as each small movement brought with it a new sensation.

He pulled out, removed the condom from his already-softening member, and dropped it on top of his discarded underwear. He didn’t want to try to wander around Naiomi’s cluttered apartment in the dark in search of a trash can, and she certainly wasn’t in a state to do so.

When her breaths had slowed down and her eyes had closed, he remained awake, staring at the ceiling and second-guessing himself. He had no idea if he’d done the right thing, or if she’d enjoyed it as much as he thought she had. By her standards he might not be more than a fumbling teen, for all he knew, and if that was so he might not have done her any favors by taking her drunken question seriously.

“Oh, will you stop fidgeting and go to sleep already?” she grumbled from her side of the bed.

“I was just thinking… I’m sorry, Nin, didn’t mean to wake you up.”

“Thinking, huh?” He could almost hear her roll her eyes. “You did just fine, if that’s what you’re worrying about. Now sleep.”

Oh, Naiomi, how well she understood him sometimes.

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