Love, Sweet Love

May 6, 2010

“You kids take care now!”

“Mum, we’re going next door.” Naiomi rolled her eyes and pushed her boyfriend out the sliding door ahead of her, onto the porch. “Good night now.”

The door shut, and the dark-skinned human girl shifted her bag higher on her shoulder. The faerie boy who had been with her already was heading across the backyard, leaping onto the four-foot fence and crouching there.

“Showoff,” she muttered, walking across the lawn at a much more sedate pace.

Once she reached the fence, he took her bag and jumped down on the other side while she pulled herself up and over it. It made no sense to walk around the block when her parents’ house was back-to-back with Anya’s, after all.

“So what’s that surprise you had for me?” the boy asked as he handed the bag back to her. “Does it really have to wait until I can make it to your place? It’s not like I got stuck babysitting on purpose.”

“If I told you, it wouldn’t be a surprise, now would it?” She scratched lightly at the back of his neck, making him shiver. “You’re lucky I didn’t have time to stop by my flat, then. If you’re that impatient.”

“You know me, hon,” he purred, nuzzling at her hand. “And I like your surprises.”

The two of them walked around the house, the much shorter boy leaning into his girlfriend’s side. The front door wasn’t locked, but once they were inside Anya did lock it behind them.

“Theo! Time to get your behind in bed!”

Something small came rushing through a doorway, then, skidding on the wodden floor and grinning hugely at the pair. “Hello Ninni! You’re going to kiss her, aren’t you, Inva’nitash?”

“Theo. Bed. And don’t forget to brush your teeth.”

Giggling, the girl bounced off again, leaving the two older youths to take their shoes off in peace. Of course, with the kid out of the way, Naiomi couldn’t resist letting her hands wander a bit, touching and scratching at perfectly innocent spots she knew would draw a reaction from the faerie boy.

“I think,” she leaned down and whispered in one long, pointed ear, “it’s about time you and I get to bed as well. Don’t you agree?”

He nodded without a word. As forward as Anya could be, it never ceased to amuse Naiomi how he seemed to lose all initiative when there was even the slightest risk his family would catch him at it. Not so much because he thought they’d be offended as because he would so much rather they didn’t have much of any clue.

Once he’d made sure that his sister was indeed going to bed, and once they were both safely in his room with the door closed, some of that effect was gone. Not all of it, but enough that he was gladly helping her unbutton her blouse while she worked on the laces for his shirt. Her breath did catch for a moment when he slipped the blouse off her shoulders and leaned in to nuzzle at her small breasts, his teeth grazing across a nipple for a moment.

They weren’t in any particular hurry, but even so it didn’t take long for them to end up naked on his bed, occupying one another with kisses and caresses. While she could quite happily have continued along that route for most of the night, Naiomi also remembered her implied half-promise. With a tender smile she caught her partner’s attention with a pair of fingers under his chin, looking into his eyes.

“Would you like your surprise now?” she murmured, running her free hand through his long, messy bangs. “Or would you rather put it off until you can spend the night at my place?”

“I have a feeling,” he replied, running a hand along her side, “if I put this off, I will end up regretting it.”

“Wait here, then. And no peeking.” She left him lying on his side on the bed, squeezed his ass as she got out.

He could hear the zipper of her bag being opened, heard her rummage around in it — not strange since she must have put her work clothes in there when she couldn’t make it home between work, shopping and dinner — heard the scraping sound of a cardboard box being opened, and then, after some muttering from Naiomi, a plastic clicking sound.

That really piqued his curiosity; his ears swivelled around and he almost moved to look over at her.

“I said no peeking,” the girl sing-songed at him, tossing something past him on the bed. It slid a bit on the sheets, into his field of vision. So that had been the source of the clicking: the plastic lid of a tube of lube. He was starting to put two and two together when she sat down on the bed next to him.

She nudged his hip, almost playfully. “Move over, hon. I couldn’t possibly get a good angle with you lying like that.”

Well, that was a confirmation of his guess if anything was. “Naiomi, my sister’s sleeping in the other room!”

“Well then,” she replied, smiling deviously at him and nudging his hip again, “you better make sure you keep quiet.”

He bit his lip, wings momentarily twitching. The prospect was exciting, and as good as faerie hearing was, his sister most likely wouldn’t be more disturbed by it than by him and Naiomi making out. Stretching, he shifted onto his stomach, obediently reining in his curiosity and not stealing a good luck at his girlfriend’s new purchase. Then, at her urging, he lifted his ass, and groaned softly when she squeezed it.

Anticipation made his wings tremble; the bed shifted as she positioned herself and then he could feel the slightly cool, slick tip of her new toy pressing every so slightly against him.

Then she started leaning in, and he dug his fingers into the sheets as the dildo spread him, sliding in agonizingly slowly. Bless the girl, she could certainly not be accused of rushing it. And then, she leaned over him, her breasts brushing against his wings, one arm wrapping around his slight chest and the other holding her weight. As she moved the toy shifted in him, and he whimpered.

Several long moments, they remained like that, still aside from the heaving of both their chests and the involuntary twitching of his wings. When she pulled back, he moaned, when she pushed back in, he bit his lip to stop a too-loud groan.

Far as he knew she’d never tried something like this before. Damn if she couldn’t have fooled him, though.

The slow, steady pace she was keeping was maddening, even as he pressed his face into his pillow to muffle his own voice. Every stroke was making him crave more, even as it made him weak at the knees. “Naiomi?”

“Yes, dear?” Her voice was husky, her breathing hard. She was definitely as much into this as he was.

He had to press it out between clenched teeth. “Fuck. Me. Now.”

For a moment, she seemed to lose her rhythm, probably caught off guard. Then she picked up the pace, making him whimper helplessly into the pillow as he pushed back against her. Her breasts against his back and her hot breath on the back of his neck only added to the experience.

When he came, he had to bite his fist not to cry out.

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