Biology Lesson OR Why You Don’t Have Sex With Canids on a Deadline

May 6, 2010

Arvel had come over early to help Raven tidy up for the movie night, and had even been nice enough to offer to get groceries on the way, sparing her the trip that always seemed to eat through most of her afternoon, regardless of when she left work. As they finished up the last of the preparations Raven cast a glance at the microwave clock. It was probably the first time she’d ever been ahead of schedule, and it wasn’t just by one or two minutes, either.

“Look at the time!” she exclaimed in wonder, hugging Arvel to her side. “How’d that happen?”

“Getting started on time probably helped,” he chuckled, twisting around until he stood facing her, pressed close enough she fancied she could feel the buttons of his shirt through her own clothing. “That’s everything?”

“And then some,” she confirmed. Then, a smile crept onto her face, and she traced his jaw with a finger, almost unnoticeably tilting it up until she could kiss him, The werejaguar responded eagerly, pressing back against her with just as much enthusiasm as she was showing.

Eventually they broke the kiss, panting.

“So,” Raven practically purred, giving him another smile, this one with her lipstick slightly out of place. “Any ideas for how we should fill this extra time we suddenly find ourselves with?”

“I could think of a few, I’m sure,” he murmured, his teeth lightly grazing the side of her neck, making her shiver. “Given the proper… encouragement.”

“Ohhh… I’m sure we… Could work something out.” Her hand found the back of his head, fingers curling in his fur, pressing his muzzle against her neck. “Now… How about we move negotiations somewhere a bit more… comfortable?”

“Mmmmh.” He gave her a light bite, and she squeezed him against her in response. “Sounds good to me.”

It was probably lucky that Raven’s bedroom door was just across a narrow hallway from the kitchen, or they’d likely never have made it there. By the time she pulled the door shut behind them, most of the buttons on his shirt had come undone and her blouse hung from the crooks of her elbows. She could feel his excitement pressing against her through several layers of cloth as he reached around her and unclasped her bra, and shifted, her leg rubbing against his crotch.

The groan that rose from his throat was all the indication she needed that it had been the right thing to do. In a lusty daze, they made their way over to the bed, dropping clothing to the floor as they managed to pull it off each other’s bodies. They landed across her bed in a tangle of limbs after a more-or-less controlled fall, and Raven started attacking his belt and fly as he leaned over and reached into the drawer on her bedstand.

She snatched the foil package from him the moment it came within reach, then hooked an arm behind his neck and pulled him into a kiss. Her tongue caressed the inside of his mouth as she undid the clasp over his tail and started pushing his pants down over his hips, something rendered more difficult by the way he was grinding against her. His fingertips trailed along her side, claws lightly scratching behind, making her gasp into his mouth.

They had to break off to deal with the rest of their clothes; their lust-fuelled enthusiasm didn’t make for much in the way of coordination, and trying to wriggle out of those last layers of cloth lying between them and their shared reward for a job well done while remaining in contact would have required ample amounts of that. Those remaining garments ended up in a pile on the floor, while the two of them tumbled back onto Raven’s bed, legs and tongues tangling together as their hands roamed.

Time wasn’t all that plentiful, though, and they both knew it. Lips still locked with the human woman’s, Arvel reached for the foil package that had been dropped on the bed, just to have it snatched out of reach by Raven. Puzzled, he pulled back, opened his mouth to ask what was going on, and was cut off by her rising onto one elbow, hissing into one of his ears.

“Come on, Arvel. Let me have you in fox shape, just this once.”

The jaguar hesitated, his black-rimmed, rounded ears flicking back. Smiling, the woman reached up, scratching at one of them, her voice, though she made no effort to hide how worked up she already was, calm and reassuring. “I’m not going to tease you or anything. I just like the way you look and would like to try at least once.”

He swallowed. “Alright.” And he Changed, the black rosettes dotting his fur fading away except for across his rump and shoulders, the rest of his fur shifting to a pink hue. His muzzle grew longer, narrower, and his tail was replaced by five much bushier ones, wagging slowly as Raven scratched behind one of his ears.

“Mmmh,” she murmured, her head tilting back in response to his cool nose rubbing against the thin skin on her throat. “That’s a good boy. Let me…”

She fell quiet as she fumbled with the condom wrapper and pulled the piece of rolled-up latex out of its foil casing. He rolled over when she nudged his shoulder, and she shuffled a foot or two down his body in order to make sure she would reach. One of her hands had already curled around his shaft when her brain caught up and she paused, looking from his pointed, red member with its bulbous base to the condom in her other hand, dimensioned for a penis with a much simpler shape.

“Umm… I’m not sure this is going to fit.”

“Oh hell, no, it won’t. I don’t own any of the specialty ones that would fit, and I especially don’t have any with me.”

The woman nodded, her hand trailing off her partner’s rigid member and onto his stomach, fingers absently playing in his fur. “Well, thanks for humoring me for a moment, at least.”

Her disappointment didn’t escape his notice, of course. Within moments he was sitting up next to her, one arm slung across her shoulders and his other hand gently stroking her hair. “Go figure. I can’t see a way to cover up and be in fox shape in the time we have, but, Gods damn it, if someone’s going to show an interest in that shape I feel silly turning it down.”

“And I never bothered getting any; if I ever brought home a raev he’d have some or I’d trust my pills enough to do without.” She sighed.

“Well, with that in place, I could probably try that trick I picked up from Dad, for now… If you…? I’ll pick some up if we want to try it again.”

Raven considered. With anyone else, she’d probably have trusted contraceptives alone to do the job; that she hadn’t suggested it to Arvel was primarily because she remembered about therianthropes and their increased fertility rates. Maybe also a little because what his brother had said about her being loose was still too fresh in her memory, and she felt wary about appearing desperate.

“If Saevrin taught you, it should be fine,” she finally concluded, turning towards him and pressing her lips against his, her hands cupping his cheeks.

He eased her down on her back, not that she was objecting to that, his hot breath escaping across her lips as they kissed, somewhat awkwardly considering the unfamiliar length of his muzzle. For a few heartbeats, he remained leaning over her, still, with his eyes half-lidded and a near-invisible wrinkle between his eyebrows, presumably working whatever magic it was his father had taught him. As he slid into her, she absently noted that the swelling near the base of his length seemed to have gone down, but she didn’t pay it much heed, wrapping her legs around his waist and arching her back to try to pull him deeper inside her, faster.

It wasn’t quite like their previous encounters, but then she’d never asked him to be in his fox shape before, and the short, sharp thrusts he made suited the somewhat needy mood of the evening quite nicely. Her moans were equally short, following his movements, and her fingers curled in the fur on the back of his neck as he lapped, his tongue seemingly burning hot, at her throat and collar bones. A few times teeth grazed her skin, and every time she shoved against him and groaned, a louder but no less pleased sound.

In the heat of the moment, she didn’t reflect over how the fit seemed to have gotten tighter, simply clutched at him and tried to meet his rapid thrusts. The almost feral lust of the encounter had her panting hard enough, moaning loudly enough to make her voice raw by the time he pressed against her and came with something that sounded like a cross between a drawn-out moan and a hoarse bark. It had been long enough since she’d gone bareback, preferring to have that extra safety on top of her birth control pills, that the wet heat that his orgasm spread inside her seemed to make her entire body tingle.

Her arms slid further around him, hands resting on his back, as her breathing slowed. She could far, far too easily get used to having him around at least a few times a week.

“Ravaethinne,” he mumbled into her hair, his muzzle lying along her cheek just below her ear. “Maybe we should get dressed before Gail and the others come around?”

“Mmmh, I guess.” She released him and put one elbow under her in preparation for rising, kissing his nose in passing as he pushed his upper body up to start standing.

Neither of them was prepared for the resistance their bodies put up when he started to pull out, but judging by the way Arvel lay back down and smacked his palm against his forehead, he at least had it figured out faster than she did.


“It’s not really come up before, so I didn’t remember, but… They call it a knot for a reason.”

“Meaning?” she prompted, tapping the bridge of his nose with a finger.

“We’re stuck like this until it goes down. Which should be…” He looked over at the clock on her bedstand and groaned. “Definitely some time after your sister gets here.”

“But it only took a minute before!” Raven protested, casting a quick glance at the cracked-open bedroom door, twisting under him.

“I didn’t… Nnnh! Just come a minute ago, before,” he replied, clenching his jaw. “That shifting isn’t going to help; stimulating it is only going to make it stay hard longer.”

“So… We wait and hope Gail’s late?”

“Don’t think we have much choice. I tried shifting out, and couldn’t. How was your day?”

Raven giggled and rolled her eyes. “You asked that already when you came. I was at work, what do you expect?”

“You’re welcome to give me all the boring details you want.”

“Well, when I came to work someone had apparently stopped by my desk and knocked over the stack of files I left sitting on it last night, so I spent most of my morning on my hands and knees on the floor fishing paper out from under the shelves.”

“Oh, dear. Hopefully certain people didn’t take that as another invitation?”

“Judging by the way they were staring from across the aisle, they might well have been the ones to make the mess.”

Arvel groaned, shaking his head. “That’s really… Even after you asked them to stop?”

“I’ve asked them and sent netmail messages to them with copies to relations, just like Aljaan told me to. I think I’m getting a reputation as a troublemaker as a result.”

“That’s rich.”

“You’re telling me.” She sighed. “They weren’t making any lewd comments or touching me. Kicking up a fuss over them merely looking and hoping my skirt will hike up another inch is more trouble than it’s worth.”

The conversation stayed on Raven’s job woes for a while, then shifted over to Arvel’s classload, which wasn’t much more uplifting. Not thinking much about it, she started tracing the black rosettes on his shoulders with her fingertips, drawing invisible lines between them like a child’s connect-the-dots puzzle. The currently-vulpine werejaguar’s voice trailed off, his chin sinking down on her chest with a happy, rumbling sound playing in his throat.

“Mmmh… Raven? Nice as that feels, I think you should probably wait with that,” he mumbled, not moving to brush her hand off. “I could easily get way too into it.”

Her hand stilled, resting lightly on his shoulder, her voice slow, suggestive. “Wait with it? Does that mean I can play with your fur during the movie?”

“That depends entirely on what movie… Nnnh! Raven! Turning me on is not going to help!”

“Sorry,” she chirped, giving him her best innocent face. “My back’s getting kinked up, I just needed to shift a little.”

“Am I getting heavy?” His ears flicked back; he was obviously concerned.

The woman shook her head. “It’s fine now.”

Arvel murmured an acknowledgement, but still shifted against her, his eyes squeezing shut and jaw clenching for a moment as he propped himself up on his elbows. Oh, she could feel him move, as well, but he was obviously a good deal more sensitive than she was.

“So, Arvel… I don’t think you mentioned, did the hickey help any?” She touched the side of his neck, where a few weeks prior she had left a quite obvious mark.

“Is that a trick question?” he asked in reply, chuckling. “Most people don’t want to hear about their partner’s other conquests, if any.”

Raven stuck her tongue out at him and tapped his nose lightly with a finger at that. “I wasn’t aware we were dating.”

“It may be we’re not dating, but we’re very much in bed together.”

She had to laugh at that, her breasts jiggling slightly as her chest jumped. “Even now that we shouldn’t still be.”

The sound of the doorbell ringing interrupted their conversation for a moment, both of them looking over at the bedroom door; she reflexively tensed up, and felt him squirm momentarily in response to her muscles clenching around him.

“Oh, shit, that’s Gail.”

“She’s got a key, she can let herself in for once,” Raven said, dismissively. “You’re changing the subject. Did it help?”

“It lead to a few interesting conversations,” came his quick reply. The raev’s ears were flicking, and he looked like he wanted to squirm though he remained reasonably immobile.

“Let me know if you need a hand again.” She ruffled the fur on his head affectionately. “You’re jumpy all of a sudden.”

“I was hoping we could stay on Gail’s good side for once.”

“She hasn’t had a good side since she was ten, Arvel.” It wasn’t fair in the least, but considering the kind of reaction Gail had shown when Raven hadn’t gone further than giving the werejaguar that was currently half-lying on top of and inside her a simple handjob, Raven felt justified in a bit of hyperbole. Who cared if that handjob had been given on the couch in front of the TV, while there were more guests over? Nobody else had seemed to mind all that much.

“We already did one impossible thing tonight; we got ready on time.”

“Couldn’t have had worse timing, either.” The human woman laughed. “Better hope Sunny rented something she’ll like enough to forget about being pissed off. ‘Cause if he got another off-color romantic comedy… She’d be looking for something to be angry about.”

“Not that you would allow her to look very long, or very far.”

“Hey, I’m just doing my kid sister a favor. Don’t worry too much about her, kitty.”

Their conversation continued, haltingly, for another few minutes, before it suffered a grand interruption.

“Raven! Splotch! What in the world is this supposed to mean!?”

If the raev hadn’t still been tied with his lover he would probably have jumped, his ears flattening and his fur standing on end for a moment from sheer shock, and even Raven flinched a little in surprise.

“Um… Hi, Sis? You’re early.”

“No, I’m not,” Nythengaille replied, with a pointed look at the alarm clock sitting just a few feet away from her older sister. Her cheeks were flushed, and it was obvious that she was trying to avoid looking straight at the naked pair. “You said seven, your clock is showing seven, yet you wouldn’t answer the door and when I let myself in I find you two here. Couldn’t you wait? You knew we were heading over.”

“We were done fifteen minutes ago,” Arvel protested, meekly, his ears still lying flat against his skull, and his tails pressed down so that they were brushing over Raven’s legs. “We’re stuck.”

“We didn’t know this would happen,” Raven added, with more force. “You saw the place on your way in, we got everything ready on time, we were just going to be ten, fifteen minutes at most. We’d have been done in plenty of time before you rung the doorbell. We’ve been trying to get separated, but it doesn’t work that way.”

“What about Becky? Should she really see her sister like this? It was quite enough what you did the other week; she is still underage, you know.”

Raven hoped her blush wasn’t showing, or that her sister would think it was from being caught red-handed in a rather embarrassing situation. What that mattered, she hoped that Gail would take the red tint to Arvel’s ears as pertaining to the current situation.

“Sunny took it worse than Becky the first time,” she pointed out, somewhat awkwardly rising onto her elbows.

“You should never have let Becky find out that time, either. I swear, you two are worse than Dad and Alej; I should bring a bucket of ice water next time I come over.”

Raven was saved from answering that by an angry beep from the kitchen; the timer letting them know that the turnovers in the oven needed to be taken out. While Gail wasn’t prompted to move right away by the sound, it certainly provided an excuse to get the younger woman out of the doorway to her bedroom.

“Gail, get the food out of the oven, please? And keep people busy if they arrive before we’ve dealt with our… Problem.”

“Right, Raven.” The way she rolled her eyes suggested Gail thought she was going far out of her way for something that should never have been neccesary in the first place.

Once the door was shut behind her, Raven looked at the fox half-lying on top of her, and gave him a smile. “Think we could make it to the bathroom? If a cold shower doesn’t help with your problem, I don’t know what would.”

He thought for a while, then nodded. “Probably be awkward, but we could probably manage.”

It took them some shuffling to get onto their feet, during which they had to pause more than once to regain their composure, but after a number of minutes they were standing, face-to-face, closer than would really be polite in any situation where they actually had a choice in the matter. Raven pulled the top sheet off the bed and wrapped it around them, and then they, with small steps, started toward the door.

Gail was standing at the kitchen counter, prying filled dinner pastries off the baking sheet she’d removed from the oven with a spatula. She glared at them as they passed, but didn’t comment.

“How cold?” Raven asked as she pulled the bathroom door shut behind them and locked it. “Most men I know for some reason think having company for their cold showers defeats the point.”

Arvel chuckled, pushing the sheet from their shoulders. “Depends. How cold can you stand to have it?”

“Oh. That cold.”

By the time his knot shrank enough to pop out of her, the dark-haired woman was clutching onto her partner, shivering and trying very hard to keep her teeth from clattering. The chill hadn’t seemed so bad at first, but once she’d realized how cold it really was she would’ve felt silly adjusting the temperature upwards. Once the need for cold water had passed, though, he reached past her and turned the temperature dial, a little at a time, until she stopped shivering and her lips regained a healthier color.

With a weak chuckle, she looked at the semen that had leaked out of her running down the drain. “You know, Arvel…”


“It’s probably a good thing we didn’t stay in bed. We would’ve made a mess.”

He laughed with her and wrapped his arms around her, squeezed her close for a few breaths before releasing her. “Mishaps aside…”

“If you don’t mind, I’d gladly do it again. Let’s go see if your brother or Becky showed up yet.”

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