Second Meetings

May 6, 2010

A day off.

A day he could, guilt-free, spend with his lover who wouldn’t call him more than that. No need to worry about being alert when he went on his shift, late evening.

Better yet was the fact that his lover’s tenant, a law student who seemed to get room and board in exchange for work around the house – it wasn’t Ale!van’s house, after all, so he didn’t much care what the exact arrangements were – had taken his lover’s youngest stepdaughter with him and gone to the zoo. At least he thought that was where they had gone; he’d been half-asleep and not listening when those plans were made.

He’d been dropped off by his team leader at the end of the driveway, far enough from Avelyon that jogging out there would have been possible but probably not advisable. Not after a night of work. He knew it was out of Pailine’s way, but if she wanted to go through the hassle, he wouldn’t complain. At least that meant she didn’t disapprove of their relationship. Whatever it was.

The lights had been turned off when he’d arrived, yet Aljaan, that tenant with marks around his neck witnessing of a past in slavery, had met him in the door and ushered him in. If he didn’t know better, the fact that he’d never seen the young akenaavayia sleep would probably have had him believe their kind didn’t need rest. Now he chalked it up to having heard Pailine’s car up on the road; the thing ran but that was all it had going for it, and it certainly didn’t run quietly.

He’d entered his lover’s bedroom in silence, quickly undressed, folded his uniform and hung it neatly over the back of a chair in darkness, and then slipped under the sheets. His weight had barely disturbed the mattress, yet the skinny blond human had half-woken, mumbled something that might have been possible to construe as a welcome, and turned toward him. It certainly hadn’t bothered him to feel his lover snuggle into his chest. They’d fallen asleep like that, Alej’s arms protectively wrapped around that fragile-looking younger man who was really as hardy as a weed.

A few hours later Aljaan had knocked on the door, said that he was taking Gail out for the day and something about Raven – his lover’s stepdaughter who probably would sooner die than use Ale!van’s name – not wanting to come along. Roxeen had roused, talked for a bit, while he had stubbornly willed himself back to sleep. Day off or no, he needed more than three or four hours of rest in a night. He’d been vaguely aware, some short time later, that he was alone in the bed, but hadn’t worried about it. His lover needed less sleep than he did, and his lover had come home from work earlier in the night.

He had been woken up about an hour after noon, earlier than he would have slept on his own, but late enough that he could manage. Roxeen had brought him lunch on a tray, something light enough that calling it “not fattening” would be like calling water “a bit damp”. Business as usual.

And now he was finishing up the last few bites, enjoying his lover’s cooking even if he secretly thought Roxeen, at least, could use something that’d put a bit more flesh on his rather prominent bones. It wasn’t worth making a fuss about – discussing food tended to make the blond agitated – so he kept his peace. Roxeen was sitting next to him in the bed, leaning against his side and running a long-fingered hand over his tail.

“Don’t you feel overdressed?” Alej asked, leaning past his lover to set the tray with the cleaned plate on the nightstand.

He didn’t wait for a reply before his hands went to the blond’s belt, deftly unbuckling it, his muzzle finding the human man’s lips. One of his hands was inside Roxeen’s faded jeans before the other had finished undoing them and pulling down the zipper, fondling his hardening length. He could taste his lover’s breath, and he knew he craved more.

“When do you expect Aljaan back?” he whispered, his hot breath washing over Roxeen’s ear, ears panning in response to the throaty moan that escaped his lover as he squeezed a little with his hand. “I need you, Roxy.”

The blond’s breath caught for a moment, and his caresses to the half-wyvern’s tail faltered. His thin, pale hands found the hem of his sweater and pulled it over his head, along with the tanktop that he’d been wearing underneath it. The young human really was thin, on the verge of disturbingly so, his ribs clearly visible. It was no different from any other day, though, and Alej delighted in the small whimper that escaped the younger man as he ducked his head and tugged, very lightly, on one of the metal hoops in the man’s nipples with his teeth. He’d never thought much of piercings before, but Roxeen… Roxeen wouldn’t be Roxeen without them.

“Tease,” the blond breathed, seizing both hands full of Alej’s ruby red fur, fighting and losing against the urge to buck up into the half-raev’s hand.

“Mmmh,” the fox agreed, tongue playing with his lover’s nipple and the piercing in it. His hand left Roxeen’s cock, then, two fingers sliding under the waistband of the blond’s jeans by each hipbone. “Lift up, please.”

When the blond complied, bringing his crotch that much closer to Alej’s muzzle and his sensitive nose, the half-wyvern could feel his mouth watering. He would have liked to bring his muzzle down over his lover’s eager member, to taste and lick and suck and finally drink down the proof that his efforts had been appreciated. But he refrained. The last time he’d tried, Roxeen had pulled away, and he longed to be filled far too much to want to kill the mood.

The jeans were, thankfully, swiftly dealt with, as were the boxers the blond wore underneath. They paused, then, for a while, lying next to each other, face to face, their hips closer than their shoulders. One long-fingered, furless hand wrapped around both their lengths, pressed them together, and Alej felt his hips shift automatically in response to the contact. That hand moved a little, rubbed them together, and he groaned in return, thrusting a little harder. He knew what his lover was after, and the thought was oddly appealing.

He also knew that he was considerably more high-strung than Roxeen, and guessed that his lover had something else in mind that this was only the preparation for, so he let the younger man set the pace, clutching his shoulders and moaning louder as his hips thrust to meet the motions of his lover’s hand, hearing his lover breathing hard and letting himself be carried higher on that sound. There was no point in attempting to hold back.

He yowled, though he tried to bite the sound back, mindful of the fact that the older of his lover’s two stepdaughters was still in the house. Slightly transluscent white semen spattered his red fur and Roxeen’s pale skin, leaving both his lover’s hand and both their erections – his own softening as his orgasm subsided – sticky-slick with the substance.

The blond smiled, shifted closer and kissed him, softly, on the lips, while he was still lying there trying to will the world back into order. He was vaguely aware that his lover lifted his still-clean hand and wiped some of the smears from the fur on his belly, then lifted that hand. A low croon rose in Alej’s throat as he watched Roxeen lick the semen off his fingers, savoring and swallowing it with obvious delight, and he could feel his loins stir again, already.

Well, that wasn’t so strange. He was half wyvern, and the two of them hadn’t seen each other for almost a week.

Still feeling slightly unsteady, the vulpine man pulled his knees up and rolled over, leaning his chin on his arms and grinning suggestively at his lover, his tail with its three tips raised in a gentle curve over his back and his rear in the air. “What’re you waiting for?”

Roxeen chuckled and rose to walk around.

Ale!van let his eyes slide shut, a shiver of anticipation running through him when he felt the bed dip from his lover’s weight behind him. One hand seized his tail near the base, tugged lightly on it, and he whimpered in response, his knees sliding a bit further apart on the sheets. Then something slick touched the sensitive skin around his waiting orifice, and he pushed back against the thin finger. It slid into him with ease, lubricated by his own seed, and he let out a low, hissing breath.

He was squirming pleasure, already about ready to come once again, when Roxeen withdrew his fingers, wiped some of the excess stickiness off his hand on the underside of his tailbase, and grabbed his hip. The bed dipped and shifted under them as the skinny blond got into position, then his sticky, hard flesh was pressing against the fox’s opening.

It only took two or three smooth strokes before Alej was crying out, his body squeezing the welcome intruder in time with the jets of seed that spattered down on the sheets. But Roxeen didn’t stop, barely slowed down, his cock brushing against the half-wyvern’s prostate with each thrust, making him shudder and dig the pair of sickle-claws on each of his feet into the mattress.

There had been times when it had taken his lover long enough to finish, not that that was saying much, that Alej had actually recovered while Roxeen was still inside him. This wasn’t quite such a time, but the feeling of thin fingers digging into his hips and warm, sticky seed pumping into him still made him groan out, involuntarily squeezing around his lover and drawing a louder moan from him.

The two of them didn’t quite collapse in the pool of cooling semen Ale!van had left on the sheets, but the way they fell to the bed next to it was certainly not graceful. Alej could feel his fur get matted further as they cuddled together, but didn’t care. It wasn’t as though he was heading straight from here to work, or anything, and even if he had been, his lover did have a shower. There should still be some fur wash left in one of the bathroom cupboards if he figured right.

Maybe he could even talk Roxeen into coming into the shower with him to help wash those stains out of his coat?

That thought, along with the short recovery time he’d inherited from his father’s race, sent blood rushing south again, and he gave his lover an apologetic look over his shoulder. He really could have been quite happy with the morning – midday, really, he supposed – they’d had so far, but he couldn’t help the way his body reacted sometimes. Especially when the smell of sex was thick in his nostrils and he had his lover’s arms around him, the thin human spooning him.

Roxeen responded by licking his lips, rising on one elbow and looking at that swollen shaft, gleaming with the traces of two climaxes already. “You don’t mind, do you?”

Ale!van had to laugh. “I’d be mad.”

“Lie back.”

He did as he was told, and was, before long, rewarded with a pair of hot, skilled lips wrapped around his erect member, an equally skilled tongue adorned with a ball-tipped barbel teasing its tip for a few moments before he took more of the half-wyvern’s shaft into his mouth.

And more.

And more.

The younger man’s throat was tight around him, and he bit his own wrist to muffle his whimpers as it sent waves of pleasure up his spine, making him feel weak-kneed even lying down. The ease with which Roxeen accomplished it had amazed him since the first time he’d felt the blond’s lips seal around the very base of his shaft. Never had he known the younger man to gag on the flesh in his mouth. If he’d been the kind, between that talent and the beautiful long hair he possessed, Alej figured the boy could probably have been a big name in the adult industry.

A knock on the door, then it was cracked open.

“‘Xeen?” The female voice sounded vaguely familiar, but Alej couldn’t place it. “Raven let me in…”

Roxeen started, then pulled back, looking slightly nauseated and coughing. So that was what it took to get him to gag? With a borderline-panicked look in his eyes he pulled one of the top bedsheets from the floor where it had fallen, draped it around himself, and hurried over to the door. It blocked his view, but he could hear what they were talking about just fine.

“That kid will be the end of me one day.” Alej could agree with that sentiment. Raven amused him more than she annoyed him, but Roxeen kept letting himself get riled up by her actions. “Could you give us a minute to get dressed? Help yourself to whatever’s in the fridge and have a seat in the living room, I won’t be long.”

“Us?” The female guest, whoever she was, giggled. “If you can find your clothes.”

“It was once, ‘Retta.” Once again Alej’s memory was jogged, but he dismissed the feeling as a figment of his imagination. “Once. A… uhm… friend came over.”

That stung a bit. He knew that Roxeen for some reason had issues with the word ‘boyfriend’, but he would have thought his lover would have acknowledged, at least, that they were more than just friends.

“Mhmm,” the girl replied, sounding like she didn’t believe Roxeen for a moment.

Alej’s ears flattened against his skull when he heard the sound of a kiss. Maybe not a sopping wet lover’s kiss, but when combined with being called a friend, it stung even more.

The door was closed, and Ale!van schooled his expression. It wouldn’t help anyone, or anything, to cause a scene now. His lover had probably not meant anything by it.

“I’m sorry, love,” the blond said, and his eyes mirrored that sentiment. “My kid sister came by, and…”

“…You have to play the good host. I understand.” He nodded, leaned over toward the nightstand for the box of napkins on top of it and managed to roll over with his thigh square in the still sticky stain on the sheets. “Damn it!”

“You’re going to have to shower to get that out of your fur,” Roxeen remarked, snatching a couple of paper towels from the box and spitting in his palm. It wouldn’t get the smell off his hands, but it would at least keep him from looking messy until he could wash his hands with soap.

“I’d like to be able to walk to the shower wearing proper clothes,” the fox responded, rubbing a towel over his matted belly and mostly managing to make even more of a mess. At least it wouldn’t be a very sticky mess. “What do you think Pailine would say if I came to work with semen stains on my uniform?”

Roxeen chortled, and retrieved his underwear from the pile they and his jeans had formed on the floor. “Probably something nicer than what Aljaan is going to tell me about those sheets and the mattress.”

“I’m sorry…”

“Oh, don’t worry about it. Things happen. I’m not going to make ‘Jaan mend them or anything; he’s just going to let me know exactly how much a shame it is on nearly new sheets after I’ve done what I can.”

They got dressed in silence, though Alej elected to forgo his shirt considering the state of his fur. Cleaning himself up best as he could with the napkins still meant that Roxeen was done a short while before him, and he deliberately lingered a few more seconds so he could listen in on the conversation from the kitchen.

“You should’ve heard the twat just a few minutes before you got here.” Raven sounded upbeat, amused. Business as usual, then. “Or when they think we’re sleeping. Beats listening to midnight radio, at least.”

Then, Roxeen, purring dangerously. “Ravaethinne.” He only ever used the girl’s full name when she’d crossed a line. Not that she didn’t do so quite often; it was obvious that she was enjoying getting a rise out of her stepfather. “You have approximately two seconds to stop talking about my sex life before I ground you for a week, young lady.”

That meant the argument was likely over. Ale!van walked a little faster toward the kitchen, smiled to himself as he heard Raven’s all-smiles sugary voice that she only used in situations like these. “Of course, Dad. You or the poodle-twat want tea as well?”

That was his cue if anything. Grinning, he stepped up behind and to the side of his lover. “Poodle-twat would love some tea, Little Miss Scavenger.”

“Alej?” The same female voice as before, but now he was nearly sure. The way she said his name…

He turned around, and his eyes widened in shock as he saw the visitor. Hadn’t Roxeen said it was his younger sister? “A-aretta?”

Of course it was Aretta, and though her hair color had changed, it was still just as unnatural as it had been then. The silence in the room grew heavier, felt smothering.

“Well…” Aretta finally mumbled, looking everywhere but at her brother. “This is awkward.”

“You two know each other?”

“Umm… Well…” The way Aretta shifted her grip on the milk carton in her hands, it was a wonder she didn’t drop it before Raven took it from her and set it down on one of the kitchen counters. “We kind of… Met. At a club. And, well… I lost his number. In my pants. Which he borrowed.”

“It was before I moved.” Ale!van felt like he had to add that information as quickly as possible. Just in case Roxeen might think he’d cheated. Their relationship – if it even was one – was awkward enough at times without that added stress. “I was just around for a few days to meet Pailine.”

“Am I understanding this right?” Roxeen blinked, looked from one of them to the other and back. “You slept with my kid sister?”

“Well…” He took a step back, unconsciously, then nodded, very slowly. “Yes. Once.”

The outburst he’d expected never came. In fact, Roxeen seemed more amused, or possibly pleased, than anything else. “Aretta must’ve been really drunk. She usually has much worse taste than that.”


Alej did nothing to protect his lover from the open-handed slap to his cheek, nor from the punch in the ribs the tomboyish young woman followed it up with. Those had been well deserved, and he wasn’t on duty.

Then she stopped in front of him, eyed him up and down, and fought a losing battle against a growing smile.


“You don’t need to make a habit of semen stains on your pants, you know. Roxeen swallows.”

“I’ll keep that in mind.”

“And hey, Alej? Now that I’ve found you, I want my pants back.”

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