Sister Mine

May 6, 2010

“So how was your day, short stuff?”

Ravaethinne Griffon lay on her stomach on her much younger stepsister’s bed, watching the three-quarters wyvern girl’s tails sway lazily where she sat by her computer. She’d stopped by to return a book she’d borrowed, and when Becky had turned out to be home alone had stayed to keep her company. Not that it seemed to be neccesary.

“Oh, you know,” Becky mumbled absently, clicking something and leaning back slightly in her chair, presumably to read whatever netpage she’d just opened up.

Raven chuckled, shook her head, and crossed her arms, resting her chin on them. Minutes passed with her lying there, watching her sister’s tails sway faster over time, and she thought she saw the sixteen-year-old’s left hand slip from her knee up along her thigh. Either the girl was bolder than Raven had previously given her credit for, or she’d forgotten about her older stepsister’s presence.

When Becky’s tails started wagging and her arm started moving in a way that suggested her hand was definitely rubbing over something, Raven had to fight the urge to call her attention. Temptation grew too strong to resist when a moan escapted the girl, though.

“What’s that you’re reading, Becky?”

The wyvern-raev hybrid squeaked and jumped in surprise, landing in a disorderly pile on the floor next to her computer chair. “Raven!”

“You seemed to like it; I was curious.” Raven was all innocense.

“Umm…” Where Becky’s cream-colored hide wasn’t covered by fur, it was all too obvious that she was blushing. She avoided meeting Raven’s eyes as she picked herself up to a sitting position on the floor. “I got this a netsite link from someone… It…”

“Oh, come on, you can tell your big sister you’re reading smut.” Raven laughed. “What would I do, tell your father? It’s nothing to be embarrassed about. Is it any good?”

“I… guess.” The girl’s face grew even more red, then she turned her head, muttering under her breath. “Not like it’d ever happen to me.”

“What was that, Becky?” Raven rose, walking over to where her stepsister was sitting and crouched in front of her. A well-manicured hand grasped the younger female’s jaw and turned her head around to meet the grown woman’s gaze. “Why would you think that?”

“Look at me,” Becky pouted, brushing her hands over her small breasts. “I’ll probably never grow bigger than this. I have hips like a boy. Who in their right mind would want me when there are people like you around?”

“Plenty of people, short stuff.” That pale hand slid up along Becky’s jaw, softly caressing her cheek. “All the people who really matter.”

“You’re just saying that.”

“I swear, I mean every word of it.” Raven brought her hand up along her sister’s cheek, running her nails over the back of the girl’s ear and making her shiver and almost-subconsciously lean into the touch. “It doesn’t take tits, hips or ass to look good, Becky.”

She knew she probably shouldn’t, but when it looked like her stepsister still didn’t believe her, Raven cupped the back of her head and pulled her closer, pressing their lips together. A surprised gasp was enough to allow her tongue into the girl’s mouth, and though she was hardly an expert in the art of kissing someone with a muzzle, Raven thought she was decent enough to give the girl a taste. Both of them were a bit out of breath when she pulled away, and Becky looked a bit startled.

“Sorry, short stuff. I couldn’t help myself.”

“I… Um… That’s okay. I guess…” The three-quarters wyvern pulled one of her tails into her lap, nervously picking at the fin-like sail at the end of it. “Um… Does that mean I…”

“You’re pretty damn cute, Sis.” The hand that had slid back to Becky’s cheek now traced an invisible line down the side of her neck, over her shoulder and down her arm, and the girl half-lidded her eyes in response, the corners of her mouth turning upward. “Feel nice?”

Becky nodded, breathless. “Don’t stop.”

With a smile, Raven continued caressing the girl’s arm, shifting to plant one knee down on the hardwood floor. No use losing her balance in the middle of such a delicate moment, even if it made the hem of her skirt slide up a few of its already-sparse inches. Soon, Becky’s tails were wagging and the three-quarters wyvern’s head was tilted back, eyes now completely shut.

When Raven’s free hand started pulling up the hem of the girl’s light tanktop, she responded by running her hand up that same arm, only slightly awkwardly laying it on the back of Raven’s neck and pulling her closer. She started pulling the woman she thought of as her older sister closer, and opened her eyes with a pout and a whimper when the black-haired woman resisted.

“This has to stay our secret, Becky. I could be in a ton of trouble…”

The girl nodded. “I won’t tell anyone. Promise.”

“Why don’t you get your tails onto the bed, then? I’d like some space to do this right.” Raven rose, offering a hand to the much-younger girl. “That, and I’m starting to feel like a carpenter’s rule, folded up on the floor like that.”

Becky’s hand felt slightly awkward in hers, with its enlongated ring- and pinky fingers and the slightly stretchy membrane between them that in a full wyvern would have formed a wing. But the teen did let Raven pull her to her feet, and once standing, moved willingly enough over to the bed, her dual-tipped ears perked.

They sat on the edge of the bed and kissed, and this time Raven let her sister have more control of the situation. She could feel a tickle in her stomach as the younger girl’s tongue hesitantly entered her mouth, exploring with all the uncertainty of someone who didn’t have much experience. When Becky grew bolder, Raven slipped one hand under her top, not quite hiking it up to reveal the small breast that fit comfortably in her palm with a bit of room to spare.

The first time that her thumb would brush over the near-invisible furless slit that crossed the top half of Becky’s breast, it was pure chance. The three-quarters wyvern groaned and arched her back in response, and Raven squeezed her small breast gently, quite deliberately touching that spot again, earning a just as enthusiastic reaction.

With a grin, she pulled back, gently pushing her sister down to lie back on the rich pine green bedspread and straddling her hips. The girl looked up at her in silent query until Raven used both hands to push the tanktop out of the way and bent over her.

The girl’s fur was very thin around those slits, easily parted with a gentle brush of the palm against the grain of it, and even that feather-light touch was enough to make her gasp. Carefully, Raven placed a row of light kisses along what looked like little more than a crease in her sister’s creamy white skin, making the girl squirm underneath her in response.

One hand grasped her shoulder, two fingers digging in, and for a moment Raven faltered, unsure whether that was an expression of enjoyment or a request that she stop. The pathetic whimper that rose from her sister’s throat when she pulled back was indication enough that the former was the case, and reaching up with her other hand to tease the girl’s other breast, the older woman ran her tongue along that supple, leathery-skinned edge, pushing ever-so-slightly into it.

Becky cried out and arched her back, the sickle-claws on her feet flexing uselessly in the air. When Raven didn’t let up, she stayed with most of her weight supported by her shoulders and buttocks, her back lifted clear off the bed and her head tilted back with her neck outstretched. Her fingers tangled into Raven’s hair, clutching the dark strands as the older woman’s tongue and fingers flooded her senses with pleasure.

A shiver ran through the teenager, and she fell limply down on the bed, one of her hands weakly pushing on the older woman’s shoulder before falling down along her side. Raven pulled back, then, and smoothed down the girl’s fur where it had been mussed, before kissing her forehead and lying down by her side.

For several minutes, they lay silent.

“Raven?” the younger of the pair finally said, her voice low. “How’d you know?”

“Know what, short stuff?”

“That… it’d feel so good. I didn’t know that.”

“I didn’t.” Raven smiled, caressed her sister’s stomach, ruffling the mottled green-and-white fur. “But you seemed to enjoy it.”


“Did you want anything more?”

“I don’t know… Could I… Umm…”

“Go ahead, ask. I won’t get mad.”

Becky was silent for a few long moments, and when she then spoke she did so very quickly, in a tiny voice. “Could I try to… Do things to you?”

“Silly girl.” Raven chuckled. “You’re welcome to.”

The teen’s hands trembled a little as she ran them down the older woman’s sides, feeling the stiff fabric of a corset underneath the light silk shirt. That was enough to send her hands continuing down, and she shifted on the bed, pulling her feet up and sitting on her doubled-up legs.

She soon found that she couldn’t easily reach the zipper for Raven’s skirt, so instead she pulled it up, standing up onto her knees and leaning forward to properly inhale the scent of the excited older woman. Her knees shifted further back on the bed as she went closer to standing on all fours, leaning her mostly-furless muzzle in towards Raven’s neatly-trimmed crotch.

The black-haired woman let out a shivering sigh as her thong underwear was simply tugged aside and the curious girl’s hot breath washed over her; the way she spread her thighs further in response was mostly reflex. Then the girl’s dog-like tongue flicked out, tasting her, and she let out a moan.

Fingers fumbled with the fly of Becky’s pants, made clumsier by the way the girl’s tongue kept getting bolder and bolder with every lick. Once that was open, the clasp over the part-raev’s tails followed. Pulling those pants down, and the girl’s underwear with them, took all the focus Raven could muster, especially when sharp teeth nipped lightly at her labia, sending thrills up and down her spine.

Becky was surprised to feel her sister tug lightly on one of her tails, but shifted over and lowered her hips further by spreading her knees until she apparently was where Raven wanted her. Her muzzle was pushing against the older woman’s opening, attempting to spread it, her tongue reaching far into those hot, slightly salty folds, when she felt Raven’s fingers brushing between her widely-spread thighs. She pushed in, and felt hot breath wash over her sex as her stepsister groaned in response.

The first-time-lover knew full well that she was inexperienced and clumsy, but that just made every pleased sound from the older woman under her that much sweeter. She forced herself to concentrate through the haze of pleasure that threatened to overtake her mind and tried to imitate the movement of Raven’s tongue that made her feel so good.

When the older woman started sucking on some really sensitive spot, however, that was about as much as Becky could take. Crying out, she pulled her now shining-wet muzzle from between Raven’s thighs, involuntarily pulling away from the contact that suddenly felt so good it might as well be torture.

Raven let her; helped her tumble over to one side and held her as the intense feeling subsided.

Once again they were quiet, something that made the front door on the bottom floor of the house closing sound like a gunshot.

Raven’s eyes widened, and she bolted upright, looking from the door to Becky’s room to the window and back. Then, making up her mind, she shook her younger stepsister and rose, smoothing her skirt back into place and starting towards the window.

“Oh, fuck. Give me a hand onto the porch roof and get your ass in the shower.”


“Now! If that’s your father…”

“It’s dangerous…”

“This used to be my room, I’ve snuck out that way a thousand times, and I only hurt myself the once. Seriously, Becky, your father is a cop. What do you think would happen to me if he found out?”

That got Becky’s attention. She rose, still a bit unsteady on her feet, and helped Raven open the window that almost overlooked the roof of the porch outside the house’s back door. Climbing onto the roof was just as she remembered it; get as close as possible and push off from the windowsill just as she was about to drop down, then scramble to press herself against the wall. She didn’t dare climbing on down to the lawn and making her way to the road, not yet. At least she’d kept her boots on when she’d gone upstairs to Becky’s room.

She could hear the door to the room close through the open window. Not too long after, three knocks on it, and then Alej’s voice. Becky’s father.


“I’m in the shower, Daddy!” The sound barely carried from the bathroom out to the porch.

For a few moments, Raven barely dared to breathe, imagining her stepfather’s boyfriend crossing the room to the open window and looking out. But he never did; the window remained open and he didn’t shout her name.

Well, not quite true.

“Was Raven here? I saw the book on the kitchen table.”

“Yeah, she was by.” For a moment, Raven thought her heart might stop. “She had to run.”

“That’s a shame. Well, I’m going to bed now.”

Raven couldn’t quite make out Becky’s reply, but she didn’t need to. All she needed to know was that she’d very narrowly dodged a bullet.

As she climbed down onto the porch, she promised herself that this was the last time she seduced the underage daughter of a police officer.

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