Physical Therapy

May 6, 2010

“Ready to go home, Jeevi?”

The dark blue fox rose from where he had been curled up under a desk when he heard his name, stretching and yawning toothily before sticking his muzzle through the strap of a bag that had been leaned against the leg of that same desk and shrugging it down his neck where it came to rest securely against his chest. :Very, thank you, Pailine.:

The mage laughed, and walked slowly towards the elevator that would take them to the level of the NAPD garage where her truck was parked, making sure that Jeevi could keep up. He hopped along on three legs behind her, holding his bandaged right hind leg up to avoid putting weight on it. It was awkward, though he’d gotten somewhat used to it in the few days since he’d caught his paw and sprained his hock pulling it loose. Thankfully, staying off it as much as he possibly could in combination with the anti-inflammatories he’d been prescribed had at least reduced the level of pain.

:How did your night go?:

Pailine pushed the down button on the elevator, three times. “Uneventful. The kids we got called out to talk to were just shouting at each other; we had a chat with them and they were quite happy to go their separate ways.”

:I’d hate to see the kid who wouldn’t leave if Tiam told him to.: Jeevi grinned.

“And you?”

The blank steel elevator doors slid open, whisper-smoothly, and the human mage held them while her partner limped his way in, then followed and pushed the button for their floor.

:I’m not sure who that veterinarian was doing a favor by not putting me on sick leave. There’s nothing I can really do, unless someone arrests a mind mage.:

“That explains why you were sleeping on the job.” The woman laughed and brushed her hand over the soft fur on the long-limbed fox’s head.

:You wouldn’t begrudge my poor leg its rest, would you, Pailine?:

She shook her head, laughing again as they reached their floor and she moved to hold the elevator doors open for him. “That wasn’t just your leg resting, that I saw.”

Jeevi only answered her with a grin as he limped past her into the parking garage.

“You wait here; I’ll bring the truck over.”

:I can walk that far,: the fox protested, but turned and hopped back to the wall, leaning his shoulder against the white-painted brick. As disinclined as he was to admit it, he was relieved to get that chance to take weight off his leg for another while, without having to resort to the awkward hopping-limping gait he’d been moving with since his accident.

He did have to make an effort to get into Pailine’s truck; he was larger and heavier than she could easily lift, and he would have felt bad to ask Taver or Quartz to linger for his sake. Tiam, their werewolf team lead, probably would have, but asking would have felt, if anything, even more awkward in that case. Trying to mostly pull himself up by his forelegs, he did make it onto the back seat of his co-worker’s dented vehicle mostly without putting weight on his injured limb. Stretching out across the seats, he nudged an empty paper cup onto the floor with his nose and then rested his head on his paws, waiting for them to start moving.

:What are you doing for dinner?: he asked, idly, as they pulled out of the police garage.

“Breakfast, you mean? A sandwich or something, I guess.”

:There’s a nice little place on the way; they’ll give us a proper breakfast to go if we ask. I stop by there when I walk.: He lifted his head for a moment, turning his ears towards a sound, then dropped it back onto his paws. :Come back, see the apartment, have a bite to eat. My treat.:

“I don’t know, Jeevi…”

:Your exhusband certainly isn’t at home expecting you.:

The driver visibly flinched, the car veering just a little over to the side before she straightened up their course.


“It’s alright. You’re right. I’d be glad.”

Thus, while Pailine navigated the streets according to his directions, Jeevi stuck his nose into the bag slung around his neck and fished out a leather drawstring purse. Having to find ways to handle money was one of the drawbacks of living in a city without having any hands. Most other problems he could get around by maintaining good relations with the local businesses, such as the butcher who sold him his meat and always made sure someone had time to package it in a way he could easily transport, but money… Money could only be made so easy.

When the truck stopped by the curb outside the small café Jeevi had in mind, he simply caught the driver’s attention with a meaningless, foxish sound, and passed the purse to her. :Excuse me if I don’t come inside with you.:

“I would’ve told you not to,” she assured him, pocketing the small pouch. “Anything specific I should get you?”

:Whatever you think sounds good, that’s reasonably heavy on the meat. See if they have their beef omelette rolls today.:

“That sounds like heart attack to go!” she laughed.

:I’ll take my chances.:

Pailine was still laughing when she shut the car door and walked in front of the truck, heading into the store. Jeevi followed her progress long enough to see her enter, then put his chin down on his forepaws and let his eyes slide most of the way shut, half-dozing on the car seat to pass the time. That his co-worker had left the keys in the ignition didn’t particularly concern him; if his presence in the car wasn’t enough to deter a potential thief on its own, he knew he’d have no problem detaining a culprit for the minutes it would take her to return.

Even if that would mean spending more time than he really cared to doing paperwork back at the police station they’d just come from. For that reason alone it was a relief when Pailine returned, two bulging paper bags in one hand and a cardboard drink tray with a pair of cups in the other.

:Orange juice?: he asked, suspiciously, before she’d even opened the passenger side door to put the food on the empty seat.

Placing the drink tray on the roof of the truck for a moment, the woman freed up a hand to open the door. “Coffee for me. When I said I was with you, they poured broth in the other cup.”

:I told you this place was good,: he replied, smugly. :They know me.: Then, after a short pause, he added, :Should you really be drinking coffee this time of morning?:

“Trust me, Jeevi, I could sleep on a gallon of the stuff right now. I may have to ask you for crashing space if you still want me over.”

:I’ve no reason to say no. Let me know how you feel when we’re done with breakfast.:

It only took them another few minutes to make it to his apartment building, making it there just as another car pulled out from one of the parking spots along the street. He spent those minutes tucking his purse back into his bag, and when Pailine opened the door for him he managed to half slide, half jump mostly-gracefully to the pavement below. The slight jolt running up his forelegs as his paws hit the ground was a slightly worrying reminder that if his injured leg didn’t heal quickly he could easily end up lame in another one from overexertion, the way it forced him to rebalance his weight and compensate for walking on three legs. But there was little he could do about that; he mentally shrugged and put that concern out of mind, not wanting to worry his co-worker any more than his current condition already did.

The front door to his apartment building willingly swung open when he pressed the handicapped access door panel on the side of the doorway, and he limped inside without waiting to see if Pailine followed with their breakfast. Under normal circumstances, he would have just walked up the two flights of stairs to his floor, but he’d had to give up that habit for the time being when he was injured. Instead, he pressed his nose against the call button on the elevator, and nodded to his companion to enter first when the metal doors slid open, making it easier for him to reach the buttons that’d send them to the correct floor.

Two floors up, he lead the way out of the elevator and to one of the doors. A panel was mounted on the wall, about level with the door’s lock, brushed aluminum and thick, dark glass.

When he sat back on his haunches to lift his right forepaw up to the scanner, he felt a distinctive twinge in his hurt leg, just like he had every day. Like every other day, he pointedly ignored his body’s protest, holding his paw in place until the panel gave them a soft beep, followed by an even softer click somewhere in the interior of the door as the lock disengaged. With a sigh of relief, the stardust fox hooked a forepaw over the door handle, pushing it down and pulling the door outward enough to let him nudge it the rest of the way open with his muzzle when he got back on three legs.

“Are you alright?”

:Nothing serious,: he reassured his guest, stepping aside. :Come in.:

By human standards, Jeevi’s apartment looked empty. A built-in clothesrack in an alcove just inside the front door sported only a few empty clotheshangers, and the white walls were bare above the stardust fox’s eye level.

He shrugged the bag suspended from his neck off, nudging it against the wall beside the door, then limped further in, stopping as he got to a doorway branching off the entryway, where he turned to watch Pailine, light from the windows in the next room giving his fur a precious sheen, not unlike the gemstone he’d taken his surname from. No wonder there had been a time when his kind had been hunted almost to extinction.

After looking in askance at the naked walls for a few moments, Pailine shrugged, set down the bags and drink tray she was carrying, and took her shoes off, setting them neatly next to Jeevi’s bag on the floor. Then she removed her uniform jacket and hung it on one of the clotheshangers. It swayed lazily for a few moments when she replaced it on the rod, but soon came to rest.

:You’re the first person to do that. I don’t have much use for it.: Jeevi grinned, his tail wagging slowly. :Come in. I don’t keep any furniture in the kitchen, but I do have a table in the living room, if that’s alright?:

“Sounds…” She had to pause to yawn. “…Great to me. Sorry; I told you, I feel like I could sleep for a week.”

:Sit down. I’ll get some plates for us.:

At his urging, Pailine picked their breakfast back up and followed Jeevi through the doorway he’d stopped by, into what seemed to be the main room of the dwelling. Most of the wall opposite the door was taken up by windows, running from the ceiling to about two feet off the floor. Below the window was a flower bench made out of a dark wood, exotic greenery practically cascading over its edges and spilling down onto the oiled-wood floor.

A coffee table matching the flower bench stood in the center of the room, surrounded by what appeared to be custom-made cushions or mattresses, all covered in rich emerald-green velvet, though one of them seemed to shift to a blue hue in the sunlight.

:It’s only a one-room apartment, so I sleep in here,: Jeevi explained, nodding toward the bluer cushion. :I suggest you pick one of the seats I don’t use for a bed; I haven’t been able to clean.:

“You could ask someone for help, you know.” The human woman stepped towards the table, looking around at the empty room as though she was searching for more content in the minimally-furnished space. All that was visible was a low bookcase along the wall with the doorway they had entered through, with a scattering of books spread evenly across the shelves.

:I get by.: The fox smiled over his shoulder and set course for another doorway. :Please, make yourself at home.:

With a sigh of relief, Pailine set their food down on the table and sat down on the nearest cushion, giving her a view of the window and the almost jungle-like planter in front of it. Absently, she started to unbag the food, though paused as her first reach into the bag produced a roughly cylindrical item wrapped in grease-soaked paper, which she dared not place directly on the table surface.

She was stirred out of her state of distraction by Jeevi placing a stack of two white plastic plates and a matching deep bowl on the table in front of her. As he picked the bowl up by its rim and placed it by the seat opposite her, she put the piece of still-wrapped food down on the top plate and lifted it to place it next to the bowl.

“Do you want me to unwrap it for you?”

:Would you? I can do it myself, but…:

“You don’t need paper cuts on your tongue to top all this off,” she chuckled, deftly peeling the near-transparent paper from what turned out to be a sub sandwich spilling over with fried egg and meat. “I still say that doesn’t look healthy.”

:Probably isn’t. But likely more so for me than for you. Thank you, Pailine.:

She placed a pair of generously-sized cinnamon scones on her own plate, and a miniature jar of jelly next to it, then fished a plastic knife out of the bag.

“Anything else before we eat?”

:Could you please pour my broth for me?:

With a smile, Pailine leaned across the table and poured the contents of one of the lidded paper cups from the cup holder into Jeevi’s bowl, releasing the scent of warm, rich beef broth into the air. The fox’s lower jaw dropped a fraction in response, his ears perking. Then he, in a very measured motion, dipped his head and took a lap from the bowl.

Both of them were hungry after a night of work, and ate in silence. Pailine because she wouldn’t speak with her mouth full and Jeevi because he’d have felt rude holding a monologue, not normally using his mouth to communicate in the first place.

Only when their plates were empty did Jeevi stretch out on his cushion, half disappearing out of view for a moment, before he sat back up and started tugging on the velcro straps of the brace supporting his sprained hock.


:Oh, don’t worry. It’s supposed to come off; I’m following the doctor’s orders.:

“You’re going to jerk it out of joint doing that. Here…” The mage rose and made her way around the table, sweeping her co-worker’s tail aside and sitting down by his hindquarters. With a gentle touch to his cheek, she pushed his muzzle away from his leg. “You just need the brace off?”

:There’s a cooling pack in the freezer that I’m supposed to put on it for ten minutes or so. But you don’t need to worry about it; I can handle it and you can get your sleep, Paile.:

“I’ll get it.”

In moments she was on her feet, stepping over the cushions and towards the doorway where Jeevi had gone for their plates earlier that same morning, correctly supposing that to be the direction of the kitchen. The room was if anything even more naked than the one she’d come from, the spotless white step-pedal fridge and freezer units looking new and well-polished enough she almost thought they’d make her snow-blind if she looked at them for too long.

The cooling pack Jeevi had been talking about wasn’t difficult to find. The fact that the gel inside was bright blue, standing out in contrast to most of the rest of the freezer’s contents which were varying shades of red probably contributed to that.

Jeevi, having moved far enough to now be stretched out on his side on the cushion he’d previously identified as the one he usually slept on, did smile gratefully as she returned and once again sat down in easy reach of his hind legs. Unfastening the straps holding his brace in place was the work of moments for her, having the use of proper hands, and the fox barely moved as she slid it down and over his paw, to drop it on the next cushion over.

The cooling pack gave her some pause, however. “I’m not sure you should put that directly against your skin, you know.”

:It won’t be,: he reminded her. :I have fur.:

“It’ll get too cold.” A moment of hesitation, during which she glanced around the empty room, then she deftly unbuttoned her blouse, pulling the garment off and folding it a couple of times before folding it around the ice-cold pouch of blue gel and holding that against the fox’s injury.

Jeevi’s tail wagged slowly, even as he winced when he felt the chill of the cooling pack soaking into the joint.

“How does that feel?”

:Better than when I do it myself.: He shrugged. :It’s not exactly pleasant, but I suppose once it stops feeling cold it takes the edge off things.:

“You had rotten luck out there.”

:Yeah,: he agreed, sighing and flexing his free hind leg, trying to work some of the residual tension out of it. :I never want to set foot on one of those walkways again if I can help it.:

“I don’t blame you. That leg sore?”

The fox shrugged. :Just a bit stiff. Trying to keep it from getting sore from all the extra strain.:

A hand sliding along the back of his good hind leg, gently squeezing along his thigh and letting up as it reached the hock, made him first stiffen, then relax with a heavy sigh. Pailine just chuckled, keeping his injured leg cooled while she felt along the other one, gently but firmly convincing his muscles to relax. “Just a bit stiff, huh?”

:I don’t want you to worry about me. I’ll be fine.: A few moments later, in reaction to her hand stopping, he added, :Though I certainly won’t complain if you decide to continue that for a while. I think the ice can go; I can’t feel my paw anymore.:

She looked at him, eyebrows quirked, then shrugged and laid her blouse with the cooling pack in it on the table, moving to knead his leg with both hands.

With that kind of agreeable attention on him, there was little Jeevi wanted to do but lay back and enjoy the sensation. So he did, relishing in the feeling of muscles unknotting as well as Pailine’s confident touch, which before long seemed to have rendered him half-asleep.

The attention she gave his other leg was gentler, for good reason, and the muscle strain was of a different sort; from holding his paw off the ground near constantly to not put undue weight on it, rather than from it bearing more weight than usual.

As the fox in front of her dozed, Pailine massaged his thighs and got a good look at him while she was at it. Sprawled onto his back, forelegs tucked up against his chest, the stardust fox was rather reminiscent of a dog. With an uncharacteristically girlish giggle, which made his ears twitch, she leaned forward over him and dug her fingers into his fur.

His eyes opened as lighter blue slivers in his face, looking down his body at her and gettin a quite magnificent angle on her breasts, contained in and pushed together by ruby red lace to maximize the cleavage she could get from those relatively moderate assets.

With a grin at the half-dozing fox, she started to rub his belly.

Not much happened at first, his tail merely grew a little more forceful in its wagging. But as she continued, one of his legs started to jerk, and his ears folded halfway back, slightly embarrassed about acting so much like a dog. The way she leaned over him and gave him a quick peck on the pad of his nose took the edge off that embarrassment, though, to give way for another kind.

“Looks like,” Pailine purred, her hands moving down his body, her fingers combing through his soft belly fur, “it’s not just your leg that’s a bit stiff.”

Ears flat back against his head, his tail straining to curl between his legs from its position pinned under her shin, Jeevi avoided meeting her gaze. :I’m so sorry… I… would you put your shirt back on?:

She sat up straighter at that, lifting one hand completely off him and letting the other slide down along his body until it rested lightly on the knee of his good leg. “Is that what you want? I could just continue what I started…” The hand on his knee squeezed.

The fox whimpered and swallowed hard, looking up at the human woman, only now noticing how her mouth was slightly open, and how her eyes had a sort of fire to them he saw only too rarely. For a moment he hesitated, then brushed against her mind, trying to figure out if he was really interpreting the situation correctly. He might have lived among humans for a long time, but that didn’t mean reading their cues was automatic, not like the body language of his own species.

:You do mean that,: he whispered in her mind, a muted exclaimation of surprise. :But my leg…

“I’m not going to hurt you,” she replied, her voice soft and thick as her hand slid forward, against the grain of his fur, sending a shiver through him. “Relax, Jeevi. If I hurt you, let me know. Otherwise…”

:I will let you do as you will.: How could Pailine, not a mindmage at all, spellbind him so? A flutter in his stomach told him she could have asked much more of him in that moment, and he’d have thought no more before giving her the answer she wanted to hear.

The fur covering the looser skin where his thigh connected to his body was unbelievably downy-soft, and Pailine spent several long moments running her fingers through it, toying with the wisps of hair. He trembled under her fingers, at once starting to relax and tensing up in anticipation, too self-conscious to really let go.

A violent shudder passed through him as her other hand came to rest on his sheath. He’d been much younger last time it had been quite so easy for someone to coax his bare, hot flesh out of those soft-furred confines, and his partner’s pleased expression at seeing that skin, the same light pink as his tongue, made him feel almost giddy.

She didn’t touch it yet, but they both knew she knew it was there as one of her hands massaged his sheath and the other continued stroking his belly. And though part of him yearned for one of her hands to stray a little, just so, the slow buildup of anticipation, of desire, was heady. Even if she hadn’t been touching him, just the smell of her might have been enough, or nearly so. She’d sweated earlier, in her uniform, not heavily but enough that he could scent it and marvel at the contrast-but-not in how it smelled a few hours old and fresh. On top of that — if the slight healthy flush to her cheeks and the way her nipples perked, showing through the fabric of her bra, wasn’t enough — he could smell the same kind of slowly peaking desire on her, and nothing could have made him yearn more.

Jeevi remained where he lay, panting softly with his eyes closed and jaws parted slightly, eagerly anticipating the moment when Pailine’s fingers would wrap around his aroused flesh. That anticipation grew as he felt her move, the cushion shifting under him as her weight moved. The hand that had been stroking his belly moved next, her fingers running through his fur down his side and planting next to him, her lower arm lying against his body. When that movement was shortly followed up by the human woman’s hot breath washing over his bare skin, he couldn’t help but letting out something between a yelp and a moan.

Immediately, she drew back, though, he could see when he cracked one eye open and lifted his head to peer down his own body at her, not more than a few inches.

:Don’t stop on my accord.: Self-consciously he noted that his mind’s voice sounded strained. He might not have to worry about being out of breath, but scrounging up even a scrap of focus in a state of high excitement without, rudely, letting all that excitement wash over the person he was addressing could come off similarly enough. :Just… didn’t expect that.:

“That’s a good sound. Got it.” She smiled at him, and kept looking up his body, knowing he was watching, as she leaned back in, her lips parting impossibly slowly.

His tongue slipped out of his own mouth as she stuck hers out, the very tip of it barely touching his flesh. It was enough, too much, and far too little, all at once. A moan tore its way from his throat, and he arched his back, hoping for a little more of that torturously delightful wet heat.

She provided; the next lick she gave him was firmer, more deliberate, and he couldn’t do much more than moan and squirm, at her mercy and enjoying it immensely. She continued to massage his sheath as she licked him, clear fluid dribbling down onto his belly and soaking into the fur, creating a shinier, though not visibly much darker spot. Then, around the same time she leaned forward and drew the slick tip of his member into her mouth, that hand slid lower, lightly gripping his balls. It seemed to him like that hand grew hotter as it did so, but the thought was lost in the flood of sensation as quickly as it had occurred.

His breath was ragged, and his thoughts even more so, by the time Pailine let his flesh, still hard, slip from her lips. Several seconds passed before he caught himself whining, and abruptly swallowed the sound, ears folding back.

“I won’t be long,” she reassured him, her voice husky as she sat back and reached behind her back.

His ears pricked up, and he lifted his head further, as the tension of her bra across her breasts slackened, and she laughed at his reaction as she threw it aside. It took some concentrated effort for him to get to his feet, even if it was only to turn around and put himself face-to-face with her. He lay down, letting his bad leg splay out to the side, one forepaw on each of her thighs, and looked up at her, tail wagging. The feel of the surface of the cushion against his excited, sensitive flesh sent a shiver through him, and he had to resist the urge to rub against it on purpose.

Pailine shivered, too, when he pressed his cool nose against the base of her jaw, licking her neck and savoring both her scent and the taste of her sweat. There were so many tones to her smell that he’d never had a chance to really notice before; thoroughly sniffing one’s co-workers would probably not even be seen as polite on a team consisting solely of his own kind and werewolves, much less the mixed bag they had. She’d used perfumed soap, and he could still guess at its mild lavender scent through the harsher smell of the bulk soap from the police station’s restrooms. It mingled pleasantly with her own personal scent, maybe even more so now that a note of lust had been added to it.

His teeth scraped harmlessly against her skin, down her neck, following the muscle from her ear to her collar bone, his ears canting to hear every little catch of her breath. From there, he slowly licked his way downward, one foreleg shifting to paw uselessly at the buckle of her belt as he did so in an attempt to prompt her to undo it for him. The hand that pushed his paw aside to grasp at the buckle fumbled, while the woman’s other hand came up to grasp the scruff of his neck, tugging his head toward one of her breasts.

She arched against him, pushing his muzzle roughly against her breast, when he started to lap at her nipple, reduced by lust to a hard nub, it and the skin around it a darker pink against her slightly-tanned skin. He gave her a gentle shove, just enough to remind her that he needed to be able to move his head at least a little, and kept licking, heartened by the way she moaned and clutched at his fur.

The prong of the mage’s belt jingled as she finally pulled the end of the belt through, followed good as immediately by the distinctive sound of her unzipping her pants. Jeevi responded by giving her nipple a light nip, then ducking his head and gently but firmly grasping the wrist of the hand that his partner had thus given entry. :Mine.: The primal command was punctuated by a soft growl, and then he released her arm.

Moments later, he was pressing his muzzle against her stomach, squeezing between her skin and her panties in pursuit of the heady scent of her arousal. Her fingers curled in his fur, roughly grasping his scruff, and when his tongue first tasted her, she gave off a choked gasp that was almost a sob, pushing just a moment on the back of his neck to urge him on. Jeevi was nothing if not keen to comply with that wordless request, lapping eagerly if awkwardly at her wet sex, ever striving to push his muzzle just another fraction further in, to give his tongue more room to play.

When she cried out and quivered, he slowed down, then withdrew as she tugged on his scruff, grinning and licking his chops until she pressed her lips against his in an awkward, forceful kiss. He couldn’t taste much of himself on her tongue, though she must have been able to taste herself on his, something she hardly seemed to mind. When she released him, it was to tug on what remained of her clothing, her black slacks and red panties thrown aside like her bra had been, quickly followed by a pair of white cotton socks.

Sitting back down in front of the stardust fox, Pailine stroked his head for a few moments, then raised her eyebrows with a pointed glance down. She seemed slightly out of breath, but that made her voice no less authoritative. “Waiting for a written invitation? You were so keen just n- aaah!”

With more room to play, Jeevi didn’t need to be asked twice. His tongue and cool nose explored the human woman’s folds meticulously and enthusiastically, making her squirm and moan and, finally, grasp his cheekruffs to urge him on. He avoided giving too much direct attention to her most obvious sweet spots, instead teasing his tongue along the edges of her labia and gently pushing it inside her. When that didn’t seem to be enough, he changed the angle of his muzzle just so, and pushed against her eager opening, breathing through his mouth and spreading her with his nose. He couldn’t go very far, that way, but it seemed to be just what she’d been waiting for, puling on his head with one hand and touching herself with the other to send her over the edge. She clenched around him, and he squirmed against the cushion under him in response, lapping at her as he all but lost himself in that sensation.

Sharp, though not terribly intense, pain jolted him out of it, and he jerked his head back, staring in disbelief at Pailine as she released the ear she’d jerked. :What…?: He let the thought trail off, mostly because he was still too worked up to properly formulate it, with her scent still so strong on his muzzle.

She smiled, reached out to caress his cheek. “You don’t need to hump the mattress, Jeevi. Roll over.”

He hesitated, and she pushed on his shoulder to hurry him along.

Rolling onto his back again was just as frustratingly awkward as getting onto his feet had been earlier, even with Pailine’s assurances she’d make it worth his while urging him on. Once he lay there on his back, though, she straddled his lower belly, just in front of his knees, and reached back.

If the sensation of her gripping his overexcited shaft was good, feeling her lower herself onto him until his long-swollen knot got in the way was nothing short of divine, and the increasingly minuscule portion of his brain still dedicated to rational thought marvelled at how he hadn’t climaxed already. With the woman riding him and churning against him, fingers tangled into his precum-matted fur, he wasn’t long coming, though. She didn’t slow down as he barked, once, his orgasm somehow managing to take him by surprise despite how long he’d spent working up towards it. The sheer force of it gave him the impression he felt without feeling, and when he felt sensible again, every movement Pailine made felt intense enough to cross over from pleasure to something that was close enough to pain to be called it.

At his whimper, she mercifully let him slide out of her, and carefully climbed off of him to lie down by his side. Settling in, she arranged herself halfway draped across him, the back of his foreleg resting against her shoulders and her ear against his chest. He could feel, vaguely, a wet spot under his rump, but was too contented to care.

:I take you’ll sleep here?:

Her only response was pulling back far enough to lightly punch his shoulder, then settling in again, snuggling against his side and once again pillowing her head on his chest.

:I don’t usually sleep like this, on my back…:

“You do today.”

And she squeezed him, dug one hand into his lush blue fur, and sighed. A happy sigh.

Jeevi listened to her breathing for several long, long minutes, before he shut his eyes and followed her.

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