May 18, 2010


He’d been there for two days, now, and it was finally starting to truly sink in. He was free. His every action wasn’t going to get back to his mother; his stepfather’s iron hand was not going to come down on him if he cast a glance in the wrong direction; he didn’t have to constantly stay on his guard to not slip up. He was, really, free. Free to look and, more importantly, free to do.

There were quite a few people worth looking at, now that he could relax and enjoy the surroundings. If he was to be completely honest with himself — which he wasn’t inclined to be, more in the mood for enjoying his newfound freedom than self-critical introspection — he was probably more attracted by the view than he would have been before spending those endless months at his mother’s house, under constant scrunity.

He was careful, still, though. Much as he might be aching to be close to someone, to touch them and be touched in turn, to get some release more meaningful than a stolen moment while he was in the shower, say, he knew people better than that. Most of them wouldn’t be interested. Some of the ones that weren’t would find the suggestion deeply offensive. Getting in trouble with one of them seemed unwise.

He just wanted a reasonably quick fuck, not too many strings attached, and as nice as it would be, it wouldn’t be worth that kind of trouble. Now and again, he’d catch someone looking at him, and give them a smile, but so far nothing had come of it. Either he’d read them wrong, they’d read him wrong, or they’d changed their minds. He didn’t know and didn’t much care.

The youth that caught his attention was short, significantly shorter than he was, though the long ears that perked up to emphasize a stunning smile added quite a few inches to his height. Long, black hair done up in a ponytail to keep it somewhat controlled. Green eyes, lightly built — what faerie wasn’t — and thin, sheer wings that matched his eyes in tone.

Roxeen smiled back, raised his eyebrows a little, and gave his head a nigh-imperceptible jerk back. ‘Come over here?’ It was worth a try, and if the faerie wasn’t interested after all, he’d just ignore the silent suggestion. He wouldn’t have needed to worry.

There was no pretense, no attempt to disguise his interest, as the youth crossed the hallway and stopped in front of him, just a hair too close for normal, non-intimate conversation. “I’ve not seen you around here before. Do you need… someone to show you around?”

A shiver ran down the taller youth’s spine, and he licked his lips, slowly, deliberately, knowing the stud in his tongue would be readily visible. “That depends on what you were planning to show me. I’m willing to bet I’ve already seen most of the common areas.”

The dark-haired faerie stepped closer, looked up at him partially through his lashes. “I know a place you’ve definitely not seen before. My roommate should be out for a while yet. If you’re as interested in fucking me into the mattress as I think you are.”

Roxeen grinned, reaching up to touch the youth’s cheek, lightly sliding his fingers across the pale skin to tilt the faerie’s face up a little more. He leaned down, stopping just short of kissing him, knowing his breath would wash over the shorter boy’s lips as he spoke. “Best suggestion I’ve heard in months. Lead the way.”

They didn’t hold hands as they walked towards the faerie’s room, nor did they steal caresses here and there, nor did they stop every so often to make out. The dark-haired youth simply lead the way and the taller blond followed at his side and only barely behind him. It probably wasn’t very discreet, but it was if nothing else the kind of discretion that let people pretend like nothing was up if the thought of the two of them — whether because they were both male or because they were not both human — disturbed their worldview.

The room the faerie showed him to looked almost over-decorated to Roxeen’s eyes; even aside from the fact that around half of the swimsuit calendars hung on the walls didn’t appeal to him personally, having that many felt distinctly overdone, as though their owner felt the need to have others notice their presence. Well, they’d certainly been noticed, and now he was much more interested in his host than what was hung on said host’s walls.

It wasn’t anything that was going to last, and both of them knew it. So there was no slow, tender removal of clothes, even when they mostly focused on each other’s buttons, zippers and lacings. Relatively quickly and to the point, their clothes were dropped on and around the bed the faerie lead the way to, and moments later Roxeen was on his back, kissing his partner back just as aggressively as he was being kissed, fingernails running over skin. One of his long-fingered hands wrapped about both their hard cocks, letting them rub together as he and the dark-haired youth shifted against each other.

Pale-skinned fingers tangled into near-white hair, and the faerie pulled back slightly, only enough to lean in and breathe two words into Roxeen’s ear: “Fuck me.”

With an almost predatory grin, Roxeen rolled both of them over, leaning down over the short, slight youth, his long, loose hair falling like a curtain around them. Again, their lips met, roughly enough that if not for that frank request, it could have been akin to a power struggle. The blond only reluctantly let off the assault when something cool touched his hand; glanced over to see a bottle of lube. He had no idea when, or where from, the faerie had reached for it.

Roxeen took a bit more time making sure both he and the smaller youth was well lubricated and ready, his eyes narrowing and breath hissing when the faerie arched his back under his attention, than he had with his partner’s clothes. A bit. He was no more inclined than the boy on the bed to draw things out more than necessary, and he had waited for this moment — not specifically this moment, or this partner, but any moment like it — for months.

Nails raked across his chest to then dig into his lower back as he pushed in, maybe a little harder, a hair faster, than he ought. Even then, holding back felt like an impossible strain, leaving him trembling, hilted in his temporary lover, for a few moments as he savored the sensation and let the faerie adjust. He released a breath he hadn’t known he was holding, shakily, as he pulled back a little, then pushed back in, drawing a groan from the faerie under him and driving the smaller youth’s fingernails into his back.

It didn’t take many thrusts to build up a good pace, both of them panting and groaning, the faerie’s wings humming when he arched up off the bed and settling when his weight came back down on them again. It was rough, it was quick, it was completely emotionless — unless lust counted as an emotion, because that they both had in spades — it was exactly what Roxeen needed. The sound of a key turning in the room door’s lock did register with him, but was duly ignored, as he drank down the moans and gasps of his partner. When the door opened, and that caused the dark-haired faerie to twist and look over towards it, ears flattened, that made him falter, however.

“Get the fuck out,” the youth snapped, his green eyes narrow. “I’ve got company.”

The person at the door that didn’t leave, but stepped inside, was also dark-haired and green-eyed, though while short for a human, definitely both taller and stockier than the boy lying on the bed under Roxeen. His voice, when he spoke, was dry, and had a definite accent. “So I heard. I am not much inclined to leave solely for your sake, and not at all to leave before I can at least grab my homework.”

“If you were at all considerate, you’d have done that when I wasn’t entertaining.”

“Maybe I would, if you’d arrange it in advance. I can’t tell the future, Niovel.”

Roxeen shifted his balance to lift one hand to his partner’s chin and turned the faerie’s face towards himself. “Don’t worry about it. Let him watch.” He wasn’t a stranger to having an audience, and it was about the only thing he could think to say to try to defuse the situation.

The faerie’s roommate, standing by a desk and already having started to pack up books and notebooks from its surface, snorted, and spoke with a voice that was still dry, but contained at least a little less contempt. “If it were someone other than Niovel, I might.”

Whether it was that hint of an insult, or just sheer impatience, the small youth twisted, starting to pull away from Roxeen. “I’m sorry,” he whispered, running his fingers absently through the blond’s hair, only once. “I’m just going to get rid of my roommate.”

It wasn’t shyness, or embarrassment, that motivated the faerie’s actions, far as Roxeen could tell. If he was going to hazard a guess, he would have said it seemed like some kind of power play between the roommates. Play initiated by the faerie, judging by the exchange that had just passed. That, more than anything, was what decided the issue for him.

He seized hold of Niovel‘s shoulder, got the faerie onto his back again, and leaned low over him, hissing as he thrust hard into his smaller partner: “I don’t think so. You stay right there, archon’gi.”

The foreign-sounding young male evidently hadn’t come to fetch any large portion of the room’s contents; his voice came from the direction of the door, not the desk. “Besides, patience will solve a lot. Whoever you are, I hope you enjoy his company more than I have.” Moments later, the door closed.

Even with him gone, the lovers kept up their new, rougher pace. Unavoidable, unforgiving as the tides, Roxeen felt himself getting closer, and was slightly surprised to realize he didn’t particularly care if the faerie who was squirming under him got his release first. Not that he need have worried; a petite hand left his back and came between them, wrapping around the faerie’s shaft and, presumably, coaxing him closer to climax.

That high point, when it came, was accompanied by a strangely hoarse cry, wet, sticky warmth hitting the human boy’s stomach and running down the faerie’s own hand. His body gripped Roxeen’s cock, squeezing it in a steady rhythm, while the blond tried to keep moving. He knew he wouldn’t last much longer, but he was determined to enjoy every last moment.

What finally set him off was when the faerie, intending to urge him close for another hungry kiss, laid his sticky right hand against the human youth’s cheek, then casually brushed it across his lips. The smell, and the taste, little though it was, called up something in his brain that made him shove in and grind, as the tidal wave of his orgasm came crashing down, leaving him grinding in against his partner and leaning on arms that trembled with a strain he couldn’t put a name on.

For a few moments, maybe even minutes, the pair lay together, limbs tangled, skin sticky and glistening with sweat and semen, lungs slowly rediscovering how to breathe normally.

Then, on an unspoken cue, they both retrieved their clothes from where they had been dropped, pulling them on without a word. Nor were any words exchanged as Roxeen walked to the door, so he let himself out. After a brief moment of confusion he turned left down the hall, not towards the stairs that would let him out and allow him to return to his own dorm room, but towards the common room serving the floor he was now on.

Scanning over the people there, he did spot the dark-haired youth he’d seen in Niovel‘s room, and after a moment of hesitation, as well as some odd looks from the other people in the common room, he walked towards the padded armchair the boy was seated in. He was a few steps away when the other human looked up and raised his eyebrows.

“I just wanted to apologize for the inconvenience,” Roxeen said, shifting under the gaze of those green eyes, “He,” a nod towards the corridor he’d come from, “said you’d be out.”

“You don’t need to apologize for what isn’t your fault.” Now, the youth’s voice held none of the earlier dryness, though the accent was still there. It was hard not to wonder what that language was. “If someone gives you an invitation and you accept it in good faith, I don’t think any reasonable person would hold you responsible… and I try to be reasonable. Besides, his view of reality can have… rather narrow focus, at times.”

Roxeen nodded, half-smiled. “I guess. I should… go, now. I might see you around.”

“You might, though I’d be mildly impressed if you knew it.”

Puzzled by that remark, Roxeen just inclined his head, lifted his hand in a half-wave, and left.

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  1. I’m a little surprised Roxeen didn’t take some time to clean up before leaving. He’s glistening with sweat and semen in one paragraph, and then he’s just putting his clothes on again in the next? YEeewww.

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  2. @GreenReaper
    He’s headed off to shower after he talks to Saevrin. I’m sure he’ll toss his clothes in the laundry when he does. Because 1) these are stupid dorm rooms that do not have showers in the rooms and 2) any wish to linger there was kind of eliminated by the annoyed roommate.

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