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June 13, 2010
Violet vixen with a teacher's stick

"Listen up, class! I'm here with my teacher's stick to straighten things out for you..."

I’m a pretty opinionated person, as they go. It follows that I don’t just write, but I also have thoughts on writing, both as a craft and as it pertains to furry fandom. Hell, I have thoughts on fandom, too, in ways that I feel are relevant to my talking about furry writing but which still aren’t really about the writing side of fandom, as such. I could just post these up on my LiveJournal, of course, but I felt that these thoughts would be better off posted in connection to my writing, so I made it happen.

Some of what you can expect to see here are thoughts on big general tendencies within furry fandom, my thoughts on what should and should not be done in furry writing, and how, my thoughts on storytelling techniques, and maybe something like reviews or interpretations of larger works. I do not post things which are primarily or solely related to the visual art side of the furry fandom; for such musings, you’re better off trying my FA journal.

The form I utilize is typically a very rough bastardization of every referencing method in existence. I don’t subscribe to strict referencing standards, as having to find sources for everything I say is a constraint I’m seriously uncomfortable with in academic writing. The articles here are, when push comes to shove, opinion pieces. However, whenever I actually go look something up for the purpose of writing one of these pieces, I do make sure to take note of the sources, and as such there will often be source references inside my texts. Sometimes I include links or references to published works under the heading Further Reading, which contains reading which hasn’t strictly served as a source for the article, but which I feel is still somehow relevant. When applicable, I try to include ISBN numbers, as those are a very effective way of pinpointing an exact edition of a work.

I encourage you to read these articles, and take with you the ideas that strike a chord with you. Comment or pingback if you feel you have something relevant to say on the subject, and I may come back to it at a later date. I do charge my readers with one thing: if you’re going to comment, I do expect you to remain civil and respect other people’s opinions.

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